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Teletovic Must Go Inside To Win Job

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

EuroStep, a website that follows the European basketball scheme, analyzes the recent development of Mirza Teletovic's game, how his game changed last season from being almost exclusively a three point bomber firing away from "intolerable differences" to a player who can score inside as well as out.

"Now he was the low post guy who could also punish opponents from the outside, not the guy who kept lurking around the arc and occasionally stepped into the 2-point territory," writes Savas Birdal. "For the first time in his Euroleague career, he had more 2-point attempts than 3-pointers in 2011-12."

But he has to continue his transition, writes Birdal. "We will never know what happened, just like we will never know if he’s going to repeat the same type of willingness this year in Brooklyn or go back to his old laid back self." If he does, he adds, Teletovic has the potential to be "his own worst enemy."