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Yormark: "We Didn't Spare Anything"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

In an extensive interview with Billboard Magazine, Brett Yormark hits all the themes he pushed the last few years, but he added one more.

"We really didn't spare anything," says the Nets and Barclays CEO in discussing what a billion dollars gets you in New York.

One example: Yormark pointed to the online world of Barclays. "We've got ubiquitous wi-fi, with 290 access points; we've got the distributed antennae system (DAS), which will provide carriage from all the different carriers."

Yormark also provided specifics on the Nets' merchandise sales since the Brooklyn move. "In two-and-a-half days (after April 30), we did north of $5 million in Adidas merchandise sales, and annually each of the last of the last three years we only did $500,000. Our e-commerce site normally does 300 transactions a year, and we did 1,000 in the first day."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Bloomberg News, Bruce Ratner said the Nets will be "break even" this year, while the arena will be "cash positive," that is, profitable.