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Blatche - What To Expect


Devin Kharpertian has left little doubt where he stands on the Nets signing Andray Blatche. As we did in the latest Off-Season Report, he's detailed the numerous times Blatche has embarrassed, even disgraced, the game.

He concedes that signing Blatche to a one-year, non-guaranteed vets' minimum deal is risk-free but questions the potential reward.

Discussing his 17 and 8 season in 2010-11, Kharpertian writes,"he averaged those numbers on a 23-59 team and routinely got torched inside by more efficient opponents. Despite averaging nearly 17 points per game, Blatche’s effective field goal percentage was fifth-worst among qualifying forwards and centers (ahead of two former Nets!),

In other seasons, he writes, "Blatche’s production has ranged from poor to average, accompanying decent assist numbers for a big and average rebounding with inefficient scoring."

Bottom line for Kharpertian: "Blatche was a cog in a terrible machine, and now that that engine’s been ripped apart, maybe things will change."

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