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For D-Will, Brooklyn Sells

Deron Williams was asked Tuesday whether he thought he'd be on the cover of a new video game, "NBA Ballers Beats," if he was still living and working in Salt Lake City. "Probably not," Williams told The Post. "There’s not a lot of national opportunities in Utah. There’s definitely some local stuff, some regional stuff, but not too much national stuff."

The video game is one of several national deals Willilams and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, have been able to secure. Red Bull, MetroPCS and Audi top the list, which according to Forbes has earned him $2 million a year in endorsement fees. As Schwartz told Ken Berger before free agency, "Being in a larger market, there's always more opportunities, and coupled with the fact that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, there's going to be a lot of corporate interest in both the team and its star players."