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Hip Hump and Brooklyn Cool

(Credit too long, see caption)

Lets' face it. The Nets are cool. It's taken a while. With their gear showing up on stages and streets worldwide, one owner challenging Vladimir Putin one day, rapping the next on a popular Russian television program (named for Paris Hilton nonetheless), and another claiming the title of the world's "cultural icon ... why it's undeniable. Cool!

If that isn't enough, there's Retired Kardiashian Kris Humphries, as New York Magazine refers to him. While not working out and practicing, Hump has been playing the role of fashionista while sitting at fashion show runways during New York's Fashion Week. When asked to explain what must have looked exotic to a Times reporter, but was really just his normal, plaid, Minnesota Lite look, Hump made Brett Yormark proud.

"You know, it’s kind of the whole hipster thing," Humphries said, nodding toward Brooklyn.