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On His Way To Moscow, Marshon Talks Brooklyn With Jay-Z's Site

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Marshon Brooks leaves Tuesday for Moscow and Basketball Without Borders. Before he left, he spoke with Life & Times, Jay-Z's website. He talked about Brooklyn and the excitement new fans will bring and the pressure of playing in New York. And he spoke about Brooklyn's Backcourt, not just Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, but the bench.

I think it’s going to help us a lot. Especially down the stretch, we won’t have to have guys play 40-45 minutes like they did last year. D.Will can actually sit down and take a breather and not have to worry about any let downs or anything like that. I think our backcourt coming off the bench is going to be huge for us. We’re going to be able to wear guys down and just continue to attack with our guards. So we’ll give a lot of players, a lot of different looks.

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