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Bogdanovic in Play...or Not?

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket
B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

The coach of Unicaja, who's also Croatia's national team coach, confirmed Monday that his Spanish team is interested in signing Bojan Bogdanovic but would not get into details. He appeared to say discussions with Bogdanovic's current club, Fenerbahce, have not yet begun. A report Sunday indicated Unicaja and Fenerbahce have been talking.

"Bogdanovic is a great player perfect for any team, but we now need to talk to the club to see if we can bring someone in, and if so to see if Bojan can come because he has contract with Fenerbahce," Jasmin Repesa told Malaga Hoy. He's the same coach who first dropped then reinstated Bogdanovic last month. With one game left in the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament, Croatia is 7-0. Bogdanovic is averaging 16.2 points.

There appear to be at least two issues that need to be resolved: Would Fener agree to release Bogdanovic (and for how much) and would Bogdanovic sign a new contract with Unicaja that would keep him in Spain for at least two more years? Earlier in the off-season, the Nets tried to get Fener to release him this year but failed. Otherwise, the Nets would prefer he stay in Turkey. His Fener buyout is a known quantity, he'll be playing with fellow Nets draftee Ilkan Karaman and the Nets are high on Fener's new coach, Simone Pianigiani.