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Newsday: Nets "Core Four" Top 15

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Al Iannazzone, Rod Boone and Bobby Bonett, the three Newsday writers who'll cover the Nets and Knicks this season, have decided to get into the ranking business and came up the top 15 players at each position in the NBA..

The key numbers for Nets fans are #2 (Deron Williams among point guards); #4 (Joe Johnson among shooting guards); #12 (Gerald Wallace among small forwards); and #7 (Brook Lopez among centers). Kris Humphries didn't make the power forward chart. David Lee was the lowest ranked PF.

On the Knicks side, none of their (many) guards were ranked. Carmelo Anthony ranked third among small forwards, Amare Stoudemire 13th among power forwards and Tyson Chandler, Defensive Player of the Year, fourth among centers.