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Jerry Stackhouse Still Has His Pride

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Jerry Stackhouse was one of five Nets (plus two draft picks) who played in places as far apart as New York and Tbilisi, Georgia Wednesday night. Deron Williams played in the Olympics. Mirza Teletovic, Toko Shengelia, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman played in "friendly" games for national teams. Stackhouse and Tyshawn Taylor played in pro-am games in Durham, NC and New York.

There isn't much out there on Stackhouse's game other than a YouTube video showing him getting dunked on by a college player ... in his own pro-am. Later Thursday, Stack set the record straight on the game, how it turned out, how he did. "What has The Game come to? Guy gets torched for 30, goes 4-18 from the field and his team loses by 30 but he dunked on ."