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Mookie's Embarrassing Moment

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Spike Lee, aka Mookie in "Do The Right Thing," thought he was on Good Day New York Monday to pump his new film, "Red Hook Summer," with Nathan Parker. But Roseanna Scotto had a different idea. Armed with a bag of Nets swag sent over by Brett Yormark, she begged Lee to just try on a Nets' cap, pull on a "Hello Brooklyn" t-shirt. They even showed him how he'd look in Nets gear.

"I can't do it," Lee kept repeating to Scotto's blandishments, "Orange and blue forever." Lee did say he will attend games at Barclays Center. "I never said I wouldn't go there," he stated. He also noted that he couldn't wear Nets gear "because it's adidas and I'm a Nike guy." Lee's offices are in his native Fort Greene, three blocks from the arena.