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Bogdanovic Apologizes, Reinstated

B. Petrovinic
B. Petrovinic

When the FIBA Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament opens on August 15, two Nets players and two Nets draft picks will be vying for their national teams. Bojan Bogdanovic, the best player on Croatia and the Nets property, was reinstated to the national team Monday after he delivered a written apology to the national team's coach.

Croatia's coach threw the 6'8" swingman off the team after Bogdanovic returned to the team hotel at 5 a.m. In his letter, Bogdanovic wrote, "I am fully aware of the weight of the created incident, and please give me another chance. If you allow me to join the team, I promise to use it and show that it was a moment of weakness, not my intention to demean the national team and my team mates." Since Bogdanovic was dumped, Croatia is winless in three "friendly" games.

Mirza Teletovic (Bosnia), Toko Shengelia (Georgia) and Ilkan Karaman (Turkey) will all participate in the FIBA event to determine which teams will compete next summer in the European championships.