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Lopez Heads for Philippines

Getty Images

The Philippines are a hotbed of NBA fans, particularly of Nets fans. So, as they have ever since Mikhail Prokhorov bought them, the Nets will once again try to improve their international credentials, this time by sending Brook Lopez to Manila for the NBA's 3x3 event August 17-19.

"I know some of the NBA’s most avid fans are in the Philippines and I look forward to bringing a taste of the league to their home country and seeing a great display of basketball talent," said Lopez.

The Nets became the first NBA team to go around the world in October 2010 when they held a practice session in Moscow, then played two preseason games vs. the Rockets in China. In 2011, they played twice against the Raptors in London, the first regular season games in Europe. Although the Nets have no overseas games this year, Prokhorov told fans in April he hopes to arrange for the Nets to play regular season games in Russia next season.