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Prokhorov Not Giving Up on Russia

Mikhail Prokhorov
Mikhail Prokhorov

In blog posts this week, Mikhail Prokhorov has let his supporters that he's not giving up politics. While sports writers focus on how he's spending hundreds of millions on the Nets, Prokhorov is pushing charges of vote- rigging in the March election and forming a political party to challenge President Vladimir Putin.

"The rigging of the last presidential election is gradually forgotten - but not by us," he wrote on Friday, when a Russian court denied the merits of his first vote-rigging lawsuit. "We have initiated more than 40 court cases related to violations of the law on elections during the election campaign in 2012. Obviously, the judicial system has a clear set for such cases and will try not to let us win a single one. Perhaps the second, the third, the fifth attempt we will be able to prove the obvious."

On Tuesday, Prokhorov registered his new political party, the Civic Platform. "Now, to get all the right political party in full, we will register the regional offices, at least half the regions of Russia. We anticipate that this will happen in September. After that, in fact, begin active work. "