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Prokhorov: Title Is "Sole Criterion"

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In a profile of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z, Danny Massey of Crain's New York asked the Nets principal owner if he's concerned about a big luxury tax bill this season. Disdain is not too strong a word to describe his reaction.

"I'm willing to spend the money to build a championship team. Not a playoff team, but a championship team," Prokhorov told Massey. "I am only interested in what will bring us a championship team. That is the sole criterion."

Besides, as Prokhorov told Massey, the value of his investment in the team and arena, helped by Jay-Z and the Brooklyn buzz, is "worth at least double already." And Prokhorov plans something that could add to its luster. He promises to rap with Jay-Z on September 28. "I am in rehearsals now 10 hours a day and plan to demand joint billing." He's kidding, right?