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Ohio Governor: Jay-Z "Running" Nets

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In an attempt to show how African-Americans can become successful entrepreneurs, Ohio Gov. John Kasich Wednesday cited the example of how well Jay-Z (an ardent supporter of President Obama) has done with his investment in the Nets. Kasich, a Republican, is attending the GOP convention in Tampa.

"I was reading a great article about Jay-Z, who’s got a tiny little ownership of the (Brooklyn) Nets, and he’s running the whole God-darn place now. People like that, who have shown that they can come from the streets, and have a tough beginning and then be able to become incredible entrepreneurs, we’ve got to get that into our schools and the inner cities where we can show kids that, hey, you can be what you want to be."

Actually, Governor, the team is "run" by a former Russian Communist Party member and Soviet Army veteran, Mikhail Prokhorov.