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Taylor, D-Will Talk About Their Self


Tyshawn Taylor is still in Kansas, making appearances in several cities and at each stop, he's being asked different questions. One that came up Tuesday is how he and Deron Williams had bonded after Taylor was drafted in June.

That was easy to answer. Taylor and Williams had the same college coach, Bill Self, and both share the same feelings about the coach who's a regular at NCAA championship games. "That was the first conversation we had," said Taylor. "He loves coach Self to death and has the utmost respect for him; he feels like coach Self got him to the person that he is, and I feel the same way."

Taylor also talked how about the move to Brooklyn is the great equalizer for the Nets, veterans and newcomers alike. "It’s cool because I don’t feel like I’m going through change by myself, I’ve got other people going through it with me, so it just helps, makes it a little easier."