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ESPN: Teletovic Unsung Rookie

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Is ESPN now admitting that its ranking of Mirza Teletovic (#415) could be too low? No, the 104 "experts" who do the rankings aren't conducting a recount. Still, Tom Haberstroh, a statistical workhorse among them, thinks Teletovic and two other rookies, Doron Lamb of the Bucks and Darius Odom-Johnson of the Lakers, could far outshine their rankings.

Haberstroh notes, among other things, that three solid rookies from last season --Chandler Parsons, Isaiah Thomas and Lavoy Allen-- were ranked between #460 and #500, with Allen being ranked the NBA's worst player.

Here's what he says about Teletovic. "Remember the name, folks. Brooklyn handed Teletovic a $10 million contract for good reason: He's a scoring machine. Following in the footsteps of nondrafted European players, Teletovic evidently hasn't received the hype that comes with the highlight reels on draft night."