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Still A Lot Of Work To Do At Barclays, But Sept. 5 Looks Like Finish Line

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Barclays Center Transit Connection  by @ppv29 via Instagram
Barclays Center Transit Connection by @ppv29 via Instagram

Workers tested the interior lighting along the Flatbush Avenue side of Barclays Center Monday night and the Transit Connection (above) is basically complete. But according to the latest arena construction alert, which covers the next two weeks, there's a lot of work still to be done at the site, mainly inside the arena.

Still, the report shows that the city buildings department has already conducted preliminary inspections needed before a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is issued. "The first and preliminary TCO walk-though of the facility on 08/20/12. The second is scheduled for 08/27/12, and the final on 09/04/12," according to the report.

The latest report to bondholders indicated the TCO could be issued the next day. Tuesday's construction alert lays out the work still to be done, from final steel erection at the entrance plaza canopy and oculus to "applied finishes" in the Nets locker room. One piece that's ready, according to the report, is the $70 million Transit Connection. And no one is worried about the arena being ready for Sept. 28 Opening Night.