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JJ Sixth Highest Paid Player...Ever

Tallying up the lifetime earnings of the game's top players adds to the legend of Joe Johnson's hefty contract. It turns out that once you add Johnson's current $120 million deal --$89.3 million of which is still on the books-- to his previous earnings, the Net guard is among the highest paid basketball players ever.

The occasion of the research was Kevin Garnett's new contract which puts him at the top of the list, at $328,562,398 (not including endorsements). KG has made more than Shaquille O’Neal ($292, 198, 327), Kobe Bryant ($279,738,062), Tim Duncan ($224,709,155), Dirk Nowitzki ($204,063,985) and Johnson ($198,647,490).

Asked recently about the pressure of playing with such a big deal, Johnson replied, "I can take the criticism, as long as I know I’m giving it everything I have."