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For Taylor, Playing At Home "Weird"

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Tyshawn Taylor understands he isn't in Kansas anymore. He was back in Lawrence, KS Monday, signing autographs and admitting he misses the structured environment of college. He also admits that winding up with the Nets, a team he "kind of" rooted for as a kid is "kind of weird."

There are parts he likes, like not having to adjust to new surroundings, and some he knows he'll have to deal with, like friends asking him for money. "I am dealing with it," he notes. "It is what it is. I can say no. I know who I can give money to and who not. It’s cool. Being in New York is not hard. It’s where I’m from." He talked last week about how the Rookie Transition Program's helped with that and in a tweet Tuesday morning, he wrote of the upside of financial security: "felt so good the day I told my mom 'no more stressing'."

As for the basketball part, Taylor says he expects to get minutes playing alongside Deron Williams. "I think they want to play him (Williams) at 2, which is why they brought C.J. (Watson) in and why they drafted a point guard," Taylor said. "I think when he had a lot of his highest-scoring games he was playing off the ball a lot."