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Arena "Oculus" Near Completion, But Times Asks, Will We All Be Orange?

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The giant "oculus" --an opening to the sky-- is nearing completion, the last major design element at Barclays Center. The oculus is part of the arena's canopy extending 80 foot out from the main entrance. Nearly 100 feet long, the "oculus" will have an LED screen on its interior wall where everything from game highlights to sponsors' signage will be shown.

At the same time, workers are putting finishing touches on two other design elements at Atlantic and Flatbush avenues: the entrance plaza, which will serve as a gathering spot for fans waiting to meet up before games, and the Transit Connection, the $70 million subway station that will feed fans from nine subway lines and the LIRR to the arena. The arena facade that wraps around the building is also nearly complete. Meanwhile, the New York Times suggests the weathered steel facade could lead to cascades of rust-colored water...or not.