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Hoopshype: Nets a Contender


Amid all the talk by Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson about the Nets' championship ambitions, Hoopshype offers its analysis of the Nets possibilities and suggests that the Nets are indeed contenders. In their season preview, the site's editors project the Nets as No. 2 in the division, No. 3 in the East.

"The dynamic Deron Williams - Joe Johnson backcourt is one of the best in the league," Hoopshype writes. "Opponents won’t face a more physical backcourt than Williams and Johnson." The preview also gives high marks to Brook Lopez ("among the top offensive centers in the Eastern Conference") and Marshon Brooks ("instant offense off the bench").

On the negative side, Hoopshype writes about D-Will's fragility of late, JJ's declining game (which they admit could be rejuvenated), "Gerald Wallace has a tendency to take too many three-pointers, which isn’t his strength" and the lack of depth upfront. Still, as Stefan Bondy, such projections and title talk is "an enormous leap" for the Brooklyn-bound team.