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ESPN Investigates! Intern Offer Real!

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Two weeks ago, the Nets posted a video of Brett Yormark giving 20-year-old fan Vivek Shah a tour of the Nets new Brooklyn offices and offering him an internship. The story behind the video was that Shah, an NYU business student and self-described "die-hard Nets fan," had approached Yormark on the streets of midtown Manhattan to congratulate him on the Nets' success.

Yormark, impressed by Shah's confidence and enthusiasm, offered him the tour, then the internship. At the suggestion of Yormark's PR staff, the whole thing was taped and posted on the Nets website. As Yormark explained, "We try to showcase how accessible we are as an organization, so I agreed to it and so did [Vivek]." Fun story, right?

Nope. ESPN seemed to doubt that even a "die-hard" Nets fan would recognize Yormark on the street (!!!) and so undertook an investigation to determine if this was all a set-up!! The probe concluded that indeed the story appeared to be as portrayed. The republic is saved!