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Euro-Nets Keep Winning Close Ones

Mirza Teletovic (B. Petrinovic, Crobasket)
Mirza Teletovic (B. Petrinovic, Crobasket)

Mirza Teletovic didn't have a good shooting game, but he kept shooting and Bosnia moved to 3-1 in the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament Friday. Teletovic, playing most of the game out beyond the arc, shot 3-for-15 from three and finished with 21 points on 19 shots, playing a full 40-minute game. Bosnia won, 84-79.

Toko Shengelia was more efficient, scoring 12 points on 10 shots, to go along with 6 rebounds. Jacob Pullen, a naturalized Georgian citizen who played for Kansas State, won the game on a three-pointer, 79-76, to go 3-0 in Eurobasket competition. The Nets two Euro-Stash, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman, both contributed to easy wins for their teams. Bogdanovic scored 11 points for Croatia while Karaman scored six points and seven rebounds for Turkey.