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Lopez: "We Can Target The Ring"

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Before he left Manila this week, Brook Lopez gave an extensive interview to the Philippine Star and he left no doubt about how good the Nets and he can be this season. "Obviously our main goal is, no question, the NBA championship. I think it is realistic for us. We're already a good playoff team so with the addition of other pieces, we can target the ring," Lopez told Aldo Avinante.

As he said before, Lopez's optimism is based not just on the players Billy King and Bobby Marks brought in, but how they fit together. "The most important part is we are going to be a very good team. Not just a great group of basketball players, but a great team."

The Nets center, who had high praise for Deron Williams and Avery Johnson, said his injuries are behind him, that he's ready to play and has some surprises in store. "I’m definitely working out on some new moves. I wouldn’t want to give it away or anything. I’m not going to spill it out yet but all of you should be ready for a brand new and better me," he said.