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Nets, Knicks Differ on Media Strategy ...Like Day Differs from Night!

Gary Sussman, Nets_PR
Gary Sussman, Nets_PR

The Nets have been everywhere this summer, rolling out this, pushing out that, running press conferences on the latest free agency signing or Barclays Center milestone. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Fortress Dolan isn't talking ... about anything. Their executive vice-president took reporters on a tour of the renovated Garden a few weeks back. That's it.

Alex Raskin contrasts the media styles and strategies of the two clubs.

"Unlike the incumbents, who remain silent as Lin leaves for Houston or as Jason Kidd gets arrested on Long Island," he writes, "the Brooklyn Nets are eager to have a conversation with fans and the media, any conversation," he writes.

And he adds, "In my four years of covering the Knicks, I’ve never met Dolan. I’ve walked by him in the halls of MSG occasionally, but I’ve met Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov several times. Why is it that an international business and political figure, with interests all over the globe, is so keen on shaking my hand?"