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Just Call Them The "Turko-Nets"

adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra
adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra

Fenerbahce Ulker of Istanbul has received clearance to sign Ilkan Karaman, the Nets' 2012 second round pick, to a three-year contract, giving the Turkish League team two Nets picks at the forward spots. Bojan Bogdanovic, the Nets 2011 pick, plays small forward while Karaman, 6'10" and 255, plays PF.

According to some reports, Karaman will have the right to opt out of his deal next July and sign with the Nets. Others suggest his "out" won't come until 2014. Bogdanovic has an "out" this July. Under terms of the CBA, the Nets can contribute more than a half-million dollars to each of the players' buyout packages. There's no limit on how many international contracts an NBA team can buy out.

Karaman is a member of the Turkish National Team and has developed quickly this summer, according to reports. His old team, Galatasaray, claimed it still held rights to the 22-year-old, but the Turkish Basketball Federation ruled Thursday that his contract with Galatasaray was not official and he could sign with Fener. Karaman and Bogdanovic wil go up against the Celtics in a pre-season match-up in Istanbul on October 5.