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Stack: Vet's Role Important for Nets


Jerry Stackhouse tells a radio interviewer that he'll do "whatever the coach wants me to do" but that "one of my roles will be to make sure everyone's on the same page, working hard at whatever roles Avery (Johnson) decides works for the team," to make sure that everyone "aligns with team goals" rather than personal ones, noting those roles can change during the season or during a game.

Calling the Nets "a very, very good team," the 17-year veteran sounded excited about Brooklyn. "We're not talking in the past. We're talking fresh. the inaugural season of the Brooklyn Nets. We're not thinking about anything that's happened. It's almost like the slate has been wiped clean for the Nets franchise. We're starting fresh with a new group of guys."

As for the other team in the city, Stack noted there are 2.4 million people in Brooklyn and "Pretty sure that not all of them are locked into being Knicks fans now that the Brooklyn Nets are alive and well."