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Nets To Make Big Profit in Brooklyn

Dmitry Beliakov
Dmitry Beliakov

The Nets are likely to make an eight-figure profit in Brooklyn and the team, already worth double what Mikhail Prokhorov paid for it two years ago, may soon become of the NBA's four most valuable franchises. That's according to Thursday's Post.

The profit, the Post reports, will be the team's first in more than a decade and the first since before Bruce Ratner bought the franchise nine years ago. "The Nets are projected to generate $140 million in revenue and earn between $10 million and $15 million in profit," the Post said of this year's financial picture, quoting "a source with direct knowledge.". Last year, the NBA franchise took in half that amount and lost nearly $30 million.

With soaring revenues, the Post concludes, the Nets would trail only the Lakers, Knicks and Bulls in terms of value.