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Prokhorov: Mr. Big Among Owners


Short jokes aside, one thing that's become evident in the New York Magazine piece and others recently is that Mikhail Prokhorov is fast becoming the one New York sports team owner with a personality, a throw-back to the George Steinbrenner days with the Yankees. It doesn't matter whether he's based in Moscow or Manhattan, he makes headlines.

Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York writes, "Let’s face it: Prokhorov doesn’t really have much competition here. And even if he did, it probably wouldn’t matter. Prokhorov has all the attributes needed to endear himself to the metropolitan area: he’s rich, he’s got a great sense of humor and he’s not afraid to open his wallet -- or take a jab at his rivals. This despite spending the majority of his time in Russia."

Meanwhile, looks at the strategy of the Nets other high-profile owner, Jay-Z and concludes that more than any of his other investment, his stake in the Nets has vaulted him (get it?) into another business stratosphere.