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Teletovic, Shengelia Rated Top 10 Among International Rookies

adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra
adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra

On Tuesday, Nets teammates Mirza Teletovic and Tornike Shengelia face off in the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament, the first of two contests between Bosnia and Georgia. The two are already among Europe's top players and A.J. Mitnick, an assistant coach in the Israeli League, also ranks the two of them among the top 10 international rookies this season.

Mitnick ranks Teletovic at #4, noting, "It may take him a couple of months to adjust to defending power forwards in the NBA, but his combination of shooting and speed should make him a tough matchup for the Nets second unit." Mitnick likens Teletovic's role that of a former 6'9" Net forward, Boki Nachbar.

Shengelia comes in at #10. "He may sneak in some minutes in Avery Johnson’s rotation as a rookie, but look for Toko to spend a good chunk of time in the D-League while the Nets make their big splash in Brooklyn." Mitnick thinks that for now Shengelia may be better suited at power forward.