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Nets "Euro-Stash" In Controversy

adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra
adidas EuroCamp by Robert Serra

When word came Friday that Ilkan Karaman was joining Bojan Bogdanovic on Fenerbahce of Istanbul, Nets executives were among those most excited. Having your "Euro-Stash" play together is obviously a good thing for any NBA team. They bond, they familiarize themselves with each other's game. Besides, it saves scouting costs!

However, as reported by TBL in English, Karaman's decision has become a point of contention between Turkey's two top sports clubs who are also bitter rivals. Karaman's people claim that he's a free agent because his contract with his old club, Galatasaray, was never filed with the Turkish Basketball Federation, that it was a "private" deal. Galatasaray claims otherwise and has protested the signing to the TBF. The league, for its part, says it will decide next month so Karaman can focus on the FIBA Europe Qualifying Tournament.

Both Karaman and Bogdanovic, along with Mirza Teletovic and Tornike Shengelia play Saturday in the tournament.