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D-Will Excited About Golds and Nets

@DeronWilliams via Instagram
@DeronWilliams via Instagram

In an interview with Ben Couch of the Nets, Deron Williams talked about how excited he was about winning his second Olympic gold medal (one of eight players to ever win back-to-back) and becoming the first Net to win one. He also raved about the possibilities for the Nets new season.

"It means a lot," he said. "I think it's really special to be an Olympian, to have that honor just to be an Olympian. But to win two Gold Medals is a great accomplishment." He didn't realize, until Couch noted it, that he's also the first Net to win gold. "Jason Kidd won one! Oh, wait -- he was with the Mavs. That's definitely exciting, too, to be the first Net."

On the Nets roster, Williams was very upbeat. "I thought we made great moves. I think we'll put a great team out there. It should be an exciting team. Only time will tell how good we can be, once we get into training camp and see how we mesh and jell."