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Karaman Wants Recognition

adidas EuroCamp - Robert Serra
adidas EuroCamp - Robert Serra

Ilkan Karaman is the forgotten man of the Nets off-season. He was taken at #57 in the draft, with a pick the Nets acquired from Miami in a less than memorable trade in 2010. He's the payoff in a complicated way for Rafer Alston.

He's a bruiser, at 6'9.5" and 255 pounds, but with a shooter's touch. He can hit the occasional three. And he is ambitious, as he told FIBA Europe.

"It's great pride for me to play for the national team," he said. "From the beginning, my goal has been to play in the national team and the NBA. Now, I've come into the national team. "My next goal is to be successful in the NBA."So my performance in the national team is very important."