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ESPN: Nets Middling Future

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None of ESPN's rankings --power rankings, top 100 draft picks-- are particularly objective measures, but an argument can be made that the most subjective is the annual future power rankings, a five year outlook on each team.

That said, Chad Ford and John Hollinger rank the Nets 14th, based on a formula that ranks teams' future, based on five criteria: players, money, management, market and draft. The Nets rank high in players (seventh) and market (fourth) but lower than average in management (18th), money (23rd), and draft picks (26th).

There's no real explanation for the low management rank. As for money, Ford and Hollinger think the Nets' big payroll hurts their flexibility.

While the Nets retain all their own picks, the writers rank Brooklyn near the bottom because they "should land the Nets in the 20s for the next several years." Guess that means Ford and Hollinger think the Nets will be contenders the next five years.