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Street Contact Leads To Internship

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The day after the Draft, long-time Nets fan Vivek Shah was walking near Rockefeller Center when he spotted Brett Yormark exiting a sushi restaurant with a member of the team's ownership. Shah introduced himself as a long-time fan and had his picture taken with Yormark. The Nets CEO invited Shah for a tour of the Nets Brooklyn offices, which took place this week.

The tour was taped and posted Tuesday. In it, Yormark shows off the ticket selling pit and some artifacts of the Nets New Jersey history and its Brooklyn future. At tour's end, before giving Shah some Nets swag, Yormark asks about Shah's education. On hearing economics and finances, tells his executive assistant, Jisset Pena, "Jisset, finance and economics, intern." Not a bad fan day.