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Ratner: Prokhorov Deserves Credit

Forest City Ratner
Forest City Ratner

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins, Bruce Ratner talks about how well the Nets have done this off-season, crediting Mikhail Prokhorov and his team, as well as Billy King, for rebuilding the Nets.

Talking about Prokhorov's prediction of an NBA championship by 2015, Ratner said, "That guy has done a very good job. We have a very good start on getting there." Ratner called Deron Williams' decision to re-sign the "lynch pin" of the off-season but said he had the equivalent of "Opening Night anxieties" that Broadway producers feel.

"I feel like it's there. It's like a Broadway play. It's got all the right pre-play reviews but I've still got to open that door," said the developer who still controls a 20% interest in the team and a 55% interest in the arena.