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Honda Latest Nets/Barclays Sponsor


Honda becomes the latest high-profile brand to join the Nets and Barclays Center as a sponsor. The seven figure deal makes Honda the "official vehicle" of the Nets and their arena. In addition, one of the clubs in the arena will become the Honda Club. Honda will also sponsor the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival in December.

Honda is the tenth "founding partner" of Barclays Center. In recent weeks, the Nets and Barclays have signed seven figure deals with high profile brands like American Express, Calvin Klein, SONY and GEICO as the buzz around the Nets upcoming season and the arena opening has grown.

Meanwhile, the Nets and Barclays have increased their efforts to become more a part of the fabric of the borough, reaching out to Brooklyn institutions. The Barclays Nets Community Alliance has partnered with Brooklyn YMCA, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, the City Housing Authority, and the Maimonides Medical Center.