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Jazz: Would Do D-Will Trade Again


On the occasion of Kevin O'Connor's elevation to vice-president --and the end of the Dwightmare-- Jazz owner Greg Miller said this week he remains very comfortable with the trade that sent Deron Williams to the Nets for a package that got Utah a promising young player in Derrick Favors, at least one lottery pick and cap space.

Miller's confidence comes mainly from avoiding what happened in Orlando. "I think it still remains to be seen, ultimately the impact it has on the franchise," Miller said. "But I can tell you that in the months since that trade, I feel very good about it."

Williams had never told O'Connor he was going to leave, never asked for a trade, but he also never committed to staying. "The main way I would characterize (the trade) is that we were able to control our destiny to a much higher degree than had we not made it," Greg Miller said.