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King: Jay-Z Always Wants To Help

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Billy King has had a good summer (Dwightmare's End aside), made some news and so it's natural that the New York Times would want to interview him, being such a newsmaker and all that. But the interview which will be featured in the Time Magazine this Sunday has some news that isn't related to basketball.

Not that he doesn't talk basketball, like how it was dealing with Allen Iverson and Larry Brown (think Scotch, straight up), and his first encounter with Mikhail Prokhorov ("I don’t have a cellphone and I don’t have a laptop"). As for Jay-Z, though, King is serious about what the icon most wants ("How he can help"). King relays how when Deron Williams was looking for place to live, Jay told King to have D-Will call him the next day. That helped. He also talks Kris and Kim.

But the big surprise is that he and Prokhorov share political ambitions. King talks about how the political ship hasn't sailed for him yet and that he's looked into running for governor or senator from Pennsylvania (where he must think they forgot about Iverson's famous press conference. He hasn't).