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Knicks Second Class Citi-Zens?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Stephen A. Smith was on the warpath again Monday (when is he not?) On both ESPN radio and, Smith is pushing the Nets rise and the Knicks fall as the city's team. Really, ever since Brett Yormark invited him out to Barclays Center last year, he's been on the Nets' side of the East River divide. Monday was no different.

Make no mistake, it was the Brooklyn Nets making news this week instead of the New York Knicks. Not only did the Nets re-sign Deron Williams to $98 million over the next five years, but they pulled off a trade for a six-time All-Star guard in Joe Johnson, assembling one of the top three backcourts in the entire NBA.

As for the future, Smith notes that even without Dwight Howard, the Nets will be just fine with Brook Lopez. "The Nets are making moves -- staking claim to the hearts and minds of a city they deem vulnerable and starving for a contender," and that he says, is not the New York Knicks.