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Aldridge: Are Nets, Cavs Close?


It's getting confusing, or just more confusing. David Aldridge suggests much of the speculation about Cleveland being willing to take on Kris Humphries in return for a pick may be ill-founded, or premature, tweeting, "Many speculating that Cavs are team that would take Kris Humphries as part of DH12 deal 2 Nets. But told 'nothing substantive' with Cavs."

"Nets are reaching out to 'any team with room,' 'I'm told." Aldridge tweets,".But Cavs do make sense; they have 7 first rounders in next three years. Cleveland has its own firsts from 2013-15, Miami's firsts in '13 and '15, and the Lakers' and Kings' firsts next year (all w/protections)." That seems to indicate the Nets would get a pick.

The Cavs are stockpiling picks and want more, says Adrian Wojnarowski, seeming to indicate the Nets would have to give up a pick!

"Cleveland's interest with Humphries is exclusively to use him as a means to stockpile further draft picks and assets, league source says." Both Aldridge and Woj retweeted an earlier Ken Berger comment that, "Deal far from agreed to, but progress being made, source says."