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Spike: "Orange and Blue" Forever

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Will Leitch of New York Magazine has an extensive conversation with filmmaker (and notorious Knick fan) Spike Lee about changing Brooklyn, including the gentrification of streets featured in his classic, "Do the Right Thing," and of course the emergence of the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets.

I am happy for Brooklyn, but I’m not leaving my beloved orange and blue. And I just cannot wait. One of the biggest nights in New York City sports history is going to be the first Knicks-Nets game in Brooklyn. That is going to be huge. That is going to be war.

The traffic is also going to be horrible if people drive, Lee predicts, with the jams going straight across the Manhattan Bridge and onto Canal Street. "I do know this: I just hope people take mass transit," said Lee, whose offices are three blocks from the arena.