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Nets Eye Kyle Korver If Waived

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You knew this was coming. The Bulls get ready to dump Kyle Korver and his $5 million option for next season. Nets are rumored to have interest. Of course! In addition to his still remarkable ability to knock down three pointers (43% last season), Korver is one of Deron Williams closest friends and one of Billy King's proudest Draft Day finds.

Williams and Korver were teammates in Utah where they ran together and helped fund local charities. King took Korver with the #51 pick (purchased from the Nets) in the 2003 Draft, then watched him developed into first a deadly three point shooter, then a more well rounded player. Four times in this career, he's shot better than 40% from the arc, including last year and four times he's averaged 10 or more points a game. He's 31.