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Avery: Shengelia "Star" of SL Camp

adidas Eurocamp by Robert Serra
adidas Eurocamp by Robert Serra

The Nets summer league entry finished up their third day of practice and all the talk was about the kid who talked his way on to the roster and emerged as a star of the camp. Toko Shengelia, the 6'10" forward from Georgia has wowed Avery Johnson. "He’s been one of the stars of our camp, arguably one of the top three guys of this camp," Johnson said Saturday.

Shengelia arrived in the US for the first time just before last week's draft, sat among the fans and ran down to the podium to greet Adam Silver when his name was called at #54. Then, he and his agent, Dave Zucker, convinced Billy King to get him a shot at the summer league. He was supposed to go back to his Belgian team but now he'll be playing in Orlando and maybe Brooklyn. "I think the initial thought was to draft and keep him overseas, but things could change," Johnson said on Friday.