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Deadline to Get D12 Deal Done?

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Sam Amick reports while the Nets are still talking to the Magic about a Dwight Howard deal, "without any major progress or regress," they realize the clock is ticking. They will have to move soon or risk completing other moves, like bringing Brook Lopez back and deciding who to push for at PF: Kris Humphries or Ersan Ilyasova.

Quoting a source familiar with the situation, Amick writes, "either there's a deal 'within the next week' in which Howard heads for Brooklyn, or the talks are tabled until after Dec. 15."

Little else seems to have changed, the Nets are willing to give up Lopez, Humphries (via a third team), MarShon Brooks and multiple picks in return for Howard and one or two contracts the Magic want to dump, either Hedo Turkoglu, 33, who has two years and $23.8 million left on his contract, or Jason Richardson, 31, who has three years and $18.6 million remaining.

As for the Lakers, they may be the Magic's ideal partner, but there's no indication yet that Howard will expand his list of desired locations beyond the Nets and L.A. is not interested in taking on added salary. Moreover, the Lakers sent four picks, including two of their own first rounders, to Phoenix in the sign and trade for Steve Nash.