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Magic Johnson: Nets Have No Kobe, So Howard Should Come to LA


Magic Johnson got on Twitter yesterday to say that Dwight Howard should add the Lakers to his (very short) list of preferred team(s), now that Steve Nash has signed on. He went further in an interview with the L.A. Times, dissing, as he often does, the Nets prospects. It's good to be noticed.

"I think Dwight Howard is making a big mistake by not considering the Lakers," Johnson said. "Dwight Howard cannot finish a game. What happens is big men put you in a position to win, but they don't win it. Kobe Bryant always closed out games when he was with Shaq. There's no Kobe Bryant on the [Brooklyn] Nets team."

As the Times' Mike Bresnahan quickly pointed out, "They do have Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, however."

Bresnhan notes as well that the Lakers are unwilling to take on some of Orlando's trash, Hedo Turkoglu, 33, has two years and $23.8 million left on his contract, or Jason Richardson, 31, has three years and $18.6 million remaining.