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Bogdanovic Staying in Turkey

T. Vrandecic - Crobasket
T. Vrandecic - Crobasket

Bojan Bogdanovic and Mirza Teletovic are both from Mostar in Bosnia, the country's basketball hotbed. Zoran Planinic hailed from there as well. It would have been nice for the two of them --both of whom survived indiscriminate shelling and other war crimes as children-- to race out on to the court together in Brooklyn next fall.

It's not happening. Teletovic will be here, Bogdanovic won't.

Tim Bontemps reports that Marc Cornstein, Bogdanovic's agent, all but ruled out his client's arrival at least for this season. "I wouldn’t say 100 percent, but in all likelihood he’ll be playing in Turkey next season," said Cornstein.

It's mostly the math. Bogdanovic, drafted just after he signed with Fenerbahce, has no buyout in his contract until next summer so he'd had to re-negotiate his deal, then find a way to pay for it while making the rookie minimum of less than $500,000. That's about all the Nets would have for him. "It just delays the inevitable that he’ll come over and become part of the core they are putting together in Brooklyn," said Cornstein.