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Who Owns New York? We Shall See


In an article written before Jason Kidd decided to join the New York Knicks, Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated writes that the Nets have changed a lot of perceptions this week. With the Nets on the back page of the Post and Daily News Tuesday and Wednesday and on the front page of the Times on Thursday, he writes,

The immediate goal of the franchise was to move into its new arena in Brooklyn with a playoff-caliber team that can compete with the Knicks for respect in New York. Now the Nets may have hopscotched that target. However improbably, they may have become the best team in the NBA's biggest city.

He adds, " for now, the Knicks' roster has more questions than answers. Phil Jackson was right to label it 'clumsy' ... The new-look Nets won't play together for nearly four months, but the structure of their lineup already looks better than the Knicks'. That's largely because Nets know who their leader is."