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Kirllenko Staying in Russia?

Andrei Kirilenko sure looked like a Nets target back in May (long time ago!). After Deron Williams cheered on his former teammate at the Euroleague Final Four in Istanbul, Andrei and Masha Kirilenko hosted Deron and Amy Williams on a tour of Moscow that included all the local sights, including Mikhail Prokhorov, AK-47's former boss and friend.

After Deron and Amy departed, Kirilenko told a Moscow reporter that the Nets and Jazz were "my top priorities" if he returned to the NBA.. Since then, Kirilenko has been training with Team Russia. This week, he told a Russian paper that he could still choose to stay with CSKA Moscow (who would pay him $3 million). More tellingly, he said his agent hasn't contacted any NBA teams and he expects to make a decision by August 1. By then, there'll be little money for any remaining free agents.